Photo of Deerhounds by Cally Whitman.

by John E. Dillberger, DVM

Reprinted from the January/February 2012 Claymore.

In response to last month’s column, I received a note from Scottie Sterrett about the example I used to illustrate genetic testing.  The point that she touched on is so important that I wanted to share her letter and my response with everyone.  I hope this will stimulate further conversation about the issues that genetic testing raises for all of us.

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Deerhound by Pekka Winter

Last month a member of the Health and Genetics Committee called my attention to an organization called the Institute for Canine Biology (ICB), and in particular its 16-point manifesto entitled “Why You Need Population Genetics:  The “Elevator Pitch.”  During the discussion that followed, I expressed my opinion about the organization and its manifesto to the committee by email.  Since then, a couple of Deerhounders have asked me about the ICB, so I thought it would be a good idea to devote this month’s column to the organization.

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