NIH Partners Need Samples for Body Size Study

Photo by Betty Stephenson

We have worked with the Ostrander Lab at the National Institutes of Health on a few projects now, and they have been very helpful to us—they did whole genome sequencing for our osteosarcoma research, have supplied data from whole genome sequences to all of our researchers, and published some research on the Deerhound hairless mutation (an article about that will be published soon). We would like to help them out with this project. If you can provide a sample (or samples), we would greatly appreciate it!

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Progress Made on Slow Drug Metabolism Research

Research by Dr. Michael Court at Washington State University is studying the genetic causes of several anesthesia-related health problems in Deerhounds, including hyperfibrinolysis (delayed post-operative bleeding), hyperthermia (anesthesia and/or stress related), and slow drug metabolism (anesthesia and sedative sensitivity). We have supported Dr. Court both with a direct grant as well as with some of our CHF funds to support this project.

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Progress on Gastric Torsion Mystery

This article is the latest information in exciting research that looks like it is finally cracking the mystery of gastric dilatation-volvulus (gastric torsion/bloat), at least in Great Danes.

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The Canine Health Foundation has funded this team to look into whether the situation is similar or not in German Shepherd Dogs. Here is their update as of the end of last year: Read more

New Treatment for Osteosarcoma Receives Conditional License!

One of the worst things about osteosarcoma, which is awful for both dog and owner in every respect, is there have not been any new treatments for the disease in decades.

Until now. We have been following Dr. Nicola Mason’s work at the University of Pennsylvania on a new immunotherapy treatment for osteosarcoma patients, and now, finally, it has been granted a conditional license by the FDA and will be available around the country. Read more

Deerhound Neck Survey

Deerhound Neck

by David J. Brunarski, DC, MSc, FCCS(C)1,2

1Brunarski Chiropractic. Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. 2McMaster University Chiropractic Working Group, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Study Design: Questionnaire survey.

Background: “Deerhound neck” is a term coined by owners and breeders of Scottish Deerhounds to describe a syndrome characterized by the sudden onset of pain in the cervical region. Read more