Clothing Sale Shipping Rates

Our Health Fund Clothing sale has been going great—a huge thanks to everyone who has ordered so far! Having problems with the shipping rates?

If you haven’t ordered yet, you can find the health fund clothing here:

There has been a small glitch with the shipping that has caused some people to have, let’s say, moments of surprise when they get their shipping charge estimates.

The field for “country” must be filled out before the shipping charges can be calculated. If you don’t put something in the “country” field, the store assumes that you live in, say, the International Space Station. Or Middle Earth. Or a galaxy far, far away. Wherever it is, shipping to it is clearly VERY expensive, and that is the shipping estimate the store gives you. It will give you the correct shipping as soon as you enter your country.

Here are our shipping tables. If your shipping charge doesn’t match these, then please first make sure you have filled in the country field. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please contact us.

We have tried to make the shipping as reasonable as possible. In fact, while we did have to raise our base rate postage, the percentages are unchanged from 2019.

The Health Fund Clothing is available until January 15. If you don’t happen to need any clothing but still want to donate to our fundraiser, you can make a donation here.

So many thanks for your support!