Day 2 of Auction Closes Tonight!

There is a wide assortment of items closing on Day 2, including some of our best pieces.

Day 2 closes today, and, while there are still some bargains to be had, some of our best pieces close out today, including a signed Grayrard! There are also two one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry from Cate and Annie Fitt, the Nan Kilgore Little box pictured here, and the last Bunnie Austin doll. But that’s not all — there is also

Jewelry! In addition to the two Fitt pieces, we have an antique Victorian bone brooch and a Gotschall sterling brooch.

Books! Have fun with Lady Lupin or Through Deerhound Eyes or study Captain Graham’s pedigrees, Hutchinson’s Dog Enclyclopedia, or more recent US champions.

Statues! In addition to the Grayrard, there is another Dannyquest from Sally Poole’s estate and a gorgeous ceramic sculpture from the estate of Carol Hodges.

Prints! There are antique prints, a print of recent British champions by Sheena McCall, and a print from our own Terri Crawford.

More! Brocade collar and leash, pewter bowl, ceramic plates…there truly is something for everyone and every budget.

Items start to close out at 7:00PM EST and will close out every ten minutes. To see what we have–and to bid— go to the auction page: