DBS Testing Added to 2022 National Specialty Health Clinics

Photo by Rich Paice.

NEW! Cheek-swab testing for Delayed-Bleeding Syndrome has been added to the health testing offerings at the 2022 National Specialty in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Here is what we have planned:

Health Testing

Anesthesia Sensitivities (including Delayed-Bleeding Syndrome (DBS)) Testing: We will be doing cheek swab sampling at the blood draw clinic on Thursday, June 2, after the judging to send to Dr. Michael Court for DNA for his research on delayed post-operative bleeding (also known as hyperfibrinolysis), slow drug metabolism, and hyperthermia. You will be able to get your DBS results. Here is more information about his work.

Factor VII Testing: Once again, we will be offering Factor VII blood draws, and the SDCA will again be subsidizing $45 of the $75 fee for Factor VII testing at the University of Pennsylvania.

Cardiac Testing: Wednesday, June 1 (all day).
Echocardiograms with cardiologists Anna McManamey, DVM, Luis Dos Santos, DVM

Fee: $250

Appointments: Pre-registration is required; to pre-register, simply pay for your echos in The SDCA Store. Appointments will be offered in registration order, so register early! Scheduling information will be provided via email after the clinic minimum is confirmed. Walk-in appointments may be available on a limited basis but are not guaranteed.

No refunds will be given if an appointment is missed.

Forms: OFA Advanced Cardiac Database (ACA) forms will be available at the clinic’s check-in desk. Please bring a photocopy (or snap a picture with your phone) of your dog’s AKC registration certificate to ensure accuracy when completing the ACA form.

NEW!!!! Current research has given us new cardiac norms for Deerhounds BASED ON THEIR WEIGHT. So we are asking all owners who sign their dogs up for an echo to weigh their dogs before they leave for the show so a current weight can be given to the cardiologists.

Research Sample Collection

CHIC DNA Bank: We will be drawing blood samples for submission to our CHIC DNA Bank. The bank is already being used by researchers, and the more samples we get, the more useful it will be. Cost: FREE! The SDCA and OFA underwrite the processing cost.

Cystinuria Study: We will be drawing blood for DNA and accepting urine samples for NP testing to support our cystinuria research.  This year, we would like samples from both intact dogs and a few bitches age 2 and over. Testing is FREE (Penn and the SDCA underwrite the processing costs) as long as a blood sample is also provided or Penn already has a blood sample from your dog. Even if your dog has had NP tests before, multiple tests are very useful for the research, so please test your dog again. Urine collection equipment will be available.

Anesthesia Sensitivities (including Delayed-Bleeding Syndrome (DBS)) Testing: We will be doing cheek swab sampling at the blood draw clinic. Cost: FREE!

The blood draw clinic is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, June 2, after the judging. You will be able to schedule appointments starting about a month before the show.

Feel free to bring blood and urine to the show from dogs that you are leaving at home. We’ll provide detailed sample collection information as the show gets closer.

Please note: By submitting samples for research, you agree to provide written health updates on your dog every two or three years when requested by the SDCA up to and including the age and cause of death.

If you have any questions about the sample collection or health testing, please don’t hesitate to ask.