Delayed Post-Operative Bleeding Study Needs Help!

Photo by Shannon Neill.

Dr. Michael Court’s research on Delayed Bleeding Syndrome (DBS) is so close to being completed, but more samples are needed to get this project over the finish line!

We are looking for:

1) SAMPLES FROM AFFECTED DOGS. If your dog experienced post-operative bleeding, getting a sample from your dog would help the research enormously.

If your dog’s DNA is already on file at CHIC, Washington State, Penn, or Nationwide Children’s Hospital, please complete the health survey below and send to Dr. Court along with your dog’s name and the location where the DNA sample is stored.                                                         

If your dog’s DNA is not on file somewhere but you can still collect a sample, please contact Dr. Court for a cheek swab kit. Collecting DNA by cheek swab can easily be done at home, and mailing is simple and inexpensive via regular first-class mail.

2) HEALTH UPDATES IF YOUR DOG’S DNA IS ON FILE SOMEWHERE AND YOUR DOG HAS HAD SURGERY SINCE YOUR LAST HEALTH UPDATE (the last updates were requested in 2018). If your dog had surgery, EVEN IF NO BLEEDING OCCURRED, we want to hear from you! This is because we need controls as well as affected dogs. Please complete the survey below and email to Dr. Court along with your dog’s name and the location where the DNA is stored.


Dr. Michael Court, Washington State University

Has your dog had surgery?    


If yes, what procedure was done (list if multiple)?

Was your dog treated with Amicar (aminocaproic acid) or tranexamic acid before/after the surgery?


Was there a problem with excessive bleeding/bruising that started after surgery?


If yes, please provide details (especially when the bleeding started after surgery):

Factor VII status of your dog (if known): Clear/carrier/affected??

Have any relatives of your dog had post-operative bleeding problems?


If yes, please describe here:

Please return to Dr. Court.

SO MANY THANKS in advance for your help. If we can reach our sample totals, we will have a genetic test for this condition soon.