Please Support Health Research

Donations to support SDCA research are very welcome and much appreciated. There are three ways to donate:

The Bunnie Austin* Health Fund

The Bunnie Austin Health Fund at the SDCA specifically supports health research. Donations to the fund support research projects funded by the SDCA and sample collection clinics at national specialties. You can make a donation to the Bunnie Austin Fund through the SDCA Store. Donations to the Bunnie Austin Fund are not tax-deductible.

Canine Health Foundation

If you would prefer to make a tax-deductible donation, the SDCA has a donor-advised fund at the Canine Health Foundation (CHF). Monies in that account are CHF funds and must be spent on CHF projects, but the club directs to a great extent how our monies are spent and regularly supports projects that benefit Deerhounds. Individuals can make a tax-deductible donation to the CHF. If you want your CHF donation to go to the Deerhound donor-advised fund, tell them when you make your donation.

Directly to Research Institutions

You can also make tax-deductible donations directly to our research institutions; please contact the appropriate researcher for more information.

*About Bunnie

Bunnie Austin was a longtime Deerhound owner and artist whose cartoons graced the covers of The Claymore for decades. She also made Deerhound dolls and wrote a couple of books, which were printed in limited editions and are much coveted today. She died in 1996.