Bleeding Problems

Deerhounds sometimes have bleeding problems, which typically are discovered when a female starts to bleed after spay surgery, although it can happen during or after any surgery.

It was discovered that Deerhounds can have a deficiency in Factor VII, which is one of several clotting factors. Factor VII deficiency can sometimes cause bleeding problems in affected dogs. There is a DNA test for Factor VII deficiency in the breed, and many breeders test their stock and can tell their puppy buyers about Factor VII status.

However, several Deerhounds – including some Factor VII-normal Deerhounds – have had severe and sometimes fatal bleeding episodes after surgery, so research is on-going. Currently, there is some indication that Deerhounds might have a similar post-operative-bleeding problem similar to greyhounds: fibrinolyisis.

Bleeding problems are rare, but should your dog need surgery, or should you elect to have surgery on your dog, you should discuss this potential problem with your veterinarian ahead of time, so precautions can be taken. There is research being done on bleeding disorders in Deerhounds; for the latest information, including surgery protocols, and to provide samples for research, go to the Research and Articles for Your Veterinarian sections of this blog.

Current research

Factor VII Testing Information

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