NIH Partners Need Samples for Body Size Study

Photo by Betty Stephenson

We have worked with the Ostrander Lab at the National Institutes of Health on a few projects now, and they have been very helpful to us—they did whole genome sequencing for our osteosarcoma research, have supplied data from whole genome sequences to all of our researchers, and published some research on the Deerhound hairless mutation (an article about that will be published soon). We would like to help them out with this project. If you can provide a sample (or samples), we would greatly appreciate it!

As part of a study on body size in dogs, the Ostrander laboratory is looking for fresh blood samples from a small number of Scottish Deerhounds who fall within the breed average weight (≥75 lbs. for Females, ≥85 lbs. for Males) and preferably height (≥28 in.). Dogs may be related to one another, and health status is not part of the inclusion criteria, only size. Blood samples (whole-blood for DNA and blood serum) can be collected at your vet’s office, and we will provide shipping back to our lab. If willing to participate, please contact our Samples Manager, Andrew Hogan for details. We greatly appreciate your help!