Progress Made on Slow Drug Metabolism Research

Research by Dr. Michael Court at Washington State University is studying the genetic causes of several anesthesia-related health problems in Deerhounds, including hyperfibrinolysis (delayed post-operative bleeding), hyperthermia (anesthesia and/or stress related), and slow drug metabolism (anesthesia and sedative sensitivity). We have supported Dr. Court both with a direct grant as well as with some of our CHF funds to support this project.

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Progress on Gastric Torsion Mystery

This article is the latest information in exciting research that looks like it is finally cracking the mystery of gastric dilatation-volvulus (gastric torsion/bloat), at least in Great Danes.

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The Canine Health Foundation has funded this team to look into whether the situation is similar or not in German Shepherd Dogs. Here is their update as of the end of last year: Read more

Genetic Testing Information

The SDCA Health & Genetics Committee has published two position statements on genetic testing, the first being an introduction to genetic testing and the second on Factor VII. It appears that we will have more genetic tests sooner rather than later (YAY!), so it is imperative that all breeders understand how to use these tests and owners understand how they are used so we can all work together to eliminate these disease-causing variants without reducing the breed’s gene pool.

You can read these position statements here. These position statements can also be found on the SDCA’s main web site.

New Treatment for Osteosarcoma Receives Conditional License!

One of the worst things about osteosarcoma, which is awful for both dog and owner in every respect, is there have not been any new treatments for the disease in decades.

Until now. We have been following Dr. Nicola Mason’s work at the University of Pennsylvania on a new immunotherapy treatment for osteosarcoma patients, and now, finally, it has been granted a conditional license by the FDA and will be available around the country. Read more