Samples Needed!

Here is all the current information on collecting samples for our research projects. The more samples we get, the more progress we can make, so please, if you have a dog affected by any of these diseases, send samples from your dog. If you have a dog affected by a presumably genetic condition, such as a liver shunt, for which we currently have no research project, please put your dog’s DNA in the CHIC DNA bank so it will be available when a research project is started.

If you put your dogs’ DNA in our CHIC DNA bank, researchers are able to access that now and in the future, so please get in the habit of putting samples from all of your dogs in the DNA bank and send health updates regularly on the banked samples.

Currently, samples are needed for research into:

Anesthesia Sensitivities





Degenerative Myelopathy

Factor VII

Fibrinolysis (post-operative bleeding)

Liver Shunt




The SDCA Health & Genetics Committee and participating research institution will underwrite all of the costs associated with NP testing (for cystinuria) and the CHIC DNA Bank at national specialties and will pay part or all of the costs for individuals sending samples to those institutions. In addition, the SDCA offers discounted Factor VII testing at national specialties.