We are currently working with the U.K. Deerhound Club on a study to determine the genetic component of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in Deerhounds and have agreed to send them samples from affected dogs.

So we have enough DNA to both send some to the U.K. for their study and keep some ourselves for future projects, we are asking for 10cc of blood (which is a bit more than usual) to be sent to our CHIC DNA Bank. CHIC will take care of shipping the blood to the U.K.

Samples must be accompanied by an echocardiogram report from a board-certified cardiologist with the diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy. If other diagnostics, such as a Holter session, have been done, please include those as well.

We must be sure of the diagnosis, so a cardiologist is much preferred. However, if there is no cardiologist in your area, a boarded internal medicine specialist or boarded radiologist might work, but they should be a specialist with training. It is very important that they include in their report the measurements for left ventricle internal dimension at diastole and systole and fractional shortening.

Please submit your sample to CHIC.

To participate in the DNA Repository, complete the application and submit it, with payment ($20) to the OFA. You will receive the blood collection kit in the mail. The Health Survey portion can be completed online, printed, and mailed to the OFA with the DNA samples.

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