Post-operative Bleeding

Photo by Sophie Bellissent.

Dr. Michael Court at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, for whom we provide samples for his research on anesthesia sensitivities in sighthounds, is also looking into post-operative bleeding (also called Delayed-bleeding Syndrome or hyperfibrinolysis) in Greyhounds and has agreed to include Deerhounds in that study as well. He is in the home stretch of this research but needs more samples to wrap it up.

If you have had a dog that has bled post-operatively, we DESPERATELY need a sample from your dog. If your dog is still alive, please email Dr. Court’s lab for a cheek swab kit. Cheek swabs are easy to do at home and also easy and inexpensive to mail via regular first-class mail. If your dog is deceased, if you sent DNA to CHIC, Penn, Ohio State University, or anywhere else, please let us know via the contact form below so we can arrange to have DNA sent to Dr. Court.

Finding samples from affected dogs is tough, because so many dogs with post-operative bleeding die from it, so Dr. Court is also interested in samples from first-degree relatives of dogs that bled. If you have a parent, sibling, or offspring of a dog that bled post-operatively, please contact Dr. Court for a cheek swab kit.

Here is more information on delayed-bleeding syndrome.

Here is Dr. Court’s presentation at the 2021 National Specialty.