If you have a dog diagnosed with osteosarcoma, Dr. Carlos Alvarez at Nationwide Children’s Hospital/Ohio State needs your affected dog’s blood (for DNA research) for his research. We thank you in advance for helping this research move forward!

Canine Osteosarcoma Sample Submission Instructions:

To send a blood sample for the Deerhound OSA Study:

Collect 5-10 ml of blood in purple-topped EDTA tubes.

• Shipping container (UN3373 box 9” X 4” X 4” labeled “Biological Substance Category B)
• Specimen bag or sealable plastic bag.
• Absorbent material such as paper towel.
• Packing tape.
• Address label.
• FedEx Clinical Pak (provided free of charge from FedEx)
• Completed consent form.
• Waybill (if shipping internationally, International Air Waybill).
• If shipping internationally, Commercial Invoice.
Here is more information on how to ship clinical samples.

1. Please ship on Monday-Wednesday to avoid the sample sitting over the weekend.
2. Please email Dr. Carlos Alvarez to notify him that the sample is coming and to get the NCHRI FedEx account number.
3. Place blood collection tube(s) in sealable plastic bag. Place sealed plastic bag with samples and completed consent form in second plastic bag and seal.
4. Place bag in shipping container. ICE PACKS ARE NOT REQUIRED if shipped on collection day and or received within 2d of collection. Alternatively, can be done with small styrofoam box and ice pack.
5. Place enough absorbent material in shipping container so that blood tubes do not roll around.
6. Seal shipping container with packing tape.
7. Attach address label to top of shipping container.
8. Place shipping container and requisition form inside FedEx Clinical Pak.
9. Fill out the waybill form (if shipping internationally, International Air Waybill form). If value is required for domestic shipment, it’s $2.
10. If shipping internationally, fill out Commercial Invoice form. Minimal dollar value must be $4.00 internationally to ensure rapid customs processing. Include 5 copies of the Commercial Invoice with the waybill.
11. Ship on day of collection via overnight delivery (or, if internationally, via FedEx International Priority) to:

Dr. Carlos Alvarez
Wexner 431
700 Children’s Dr
Columbus OH 43205