Specialty Health Clinic Information

The SDCA Health & Genetics Committee holds clinics for health testing and research sample collection at the club’s annual national specialty, which is held each spring and rotates around the country. The club’s Bunnie Austin Fund underwrites much of the cost, so many of the tests are discounted or free.

Genetic Testing

Delayed Post-operative Hemorrhage (DEPOH)*

Factor VII Deficiency*

Every Deerhound owner should know their dog’s genetic status for both of these conditions. More information on both of these disorders can be found here.

Health Screenings

OFA Cardiac Clinic* – the club offers echocardiograms.

OFA Eye Clinic – the club offers free eye exams.

*These tests are included in the SDCA Code of Ethics Guidelines for Health Testing.

CHIC DNA Bank: Samples are collected for the club’s DNA Bank, which is used by our researchers.

Cystinuria Testing: Urine and blood samples are collected for the club’s research into cystinuria and the formation of cystine bladder stones. More information on that research can be found here.

Clinic information and instructions are posted on the deerhoundhealth.org blog starting a few months before the show and also on the specialty web page.

If you have any questions about the national specialty health clinics, please contact us.