Specialty Heart Clinic Still Needs Participants

Photo by Terri Crawford.

UPDATE: We have made the minimum! Only eight dogs to go before the clinic is full!

We are still three dogs shy of the 10-dog minimum we need to hold a heart-screening clinic at the 2021 National Specialty in Richland. Board-certified veterinary cardiologist Dr. Bryan Eason of Evergreen Veterinary Cardiology is available to do cardiac ultrasounds on Friday, June 4, IF WE CAN GET A MINIMUM OF 10 DOGS.

We are offering these tests at a GREAT price: $250 per ultrasound.

Please remember that a cardiac ultrasound is one of the recommended health tests for every Deerhound that is going to be bred.

We only need three more dogs, and we need to reach the ten-dog minimum by May 21, so please sign up today by paying for your echo(s) in the SDCA Store.

We are also offering Factor VII and cystinuria testing and collecting blood for our CHIC DNA bank. Details, including scheduling information, appointments, forms, and other details, can be found here.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.