2023 National Specialty DEPOHGEN™ Testing at Show

Thank you for signing up for DEPOHGEN™ testing at the 2023 National Specialty! This page provides you with all the information you need to get this done.

Make an appointment:

Appointments take about five minutes and are available from 3–6 PM (just scroll down to see the later appointments). Appointments that are taken have a “1/1” and a grey dot on the right end of the appointment line.

Please make separate appointments for each dog to be tested.

If you have problems making an appointment here (which might happen if you have an older browser) or need to change or cancel an appointment, do it here.

Complete the form:

You can find the form here.

Please print it out, complete it for all of the dogs you are testing, and bring it to your appointment. We will not be able to test your dog without a completed form.

Please check the box on the form for each dog tested that you give permission to use your pet’s DNA for research by PrIMe. This allows Dr. Court to use the sample in his research into other problems that affect Deerhounds and is required for you to receive the specialty discount.

For payment, please write “SDCA specialty” underneath the payment line.

That’s it! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, May 13!