Bleeding Issues Pages Updated

Photo by Katybeth.

The bleeding issues pages have been updated.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we have updated the bleeding issues page to reflect our increased knowledge of these issues in Deerhounds.

In addition, we have caught up on our delayed-bleeding syndrome posts: we have posted John Dillberger’s 2019 Claymore column on tranexamic acid and also Michael Court’s presentation on delayed-bleeding syndrome, as well as two other conditions he is studying, at the 2021 National Specialty in Richland, Washington.

We are in the home stretch of the research into delayed-bleeding syndrome in Deerhounds but still need more samples. If you have a dog that had an adverse event from a drug used for anesthesia, sedation, or pain relief; experienced a hyperthermic reaction; or experienced delayed post-operative bleeding, please participate in this study by emailing Dr. Court for a cheek swab kit.