DEPOHGEN™ Testing Now Available Worldwide

Photo by Karen Winter.

The new DEPOHGEN™ test for the genetic mutation that can cause Delayed Post-Operative Hemorrhage (DEPOH) can now be ordered using a credit card, which means it is now available to people outside the United States!

The DEPOHGEN™ test can now be ordered and paid by credit card through the Washington State University website.

Important for people ordering from outside the U.S.: The DEPOHGEN™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page has two FAQs that are especially helpful for international customers:

  1. Can I submit samples for testing from outside the USA?
    This provides instructions on how to collect and send samples to the USA.
  2. Can I use my own brushes to collect a DNA sample to send for testing?
    This provides specific recommendations on what brushes work best and how to package and label them.

If you have any questions about the test, please contact Dr. Court’s lab.

Here is more information about DEPOH, including how it differs from Factor VII Deficiency.

DEPOHGEN™ testing is part of the SDCA’s Health Testing Guidelines.

If you are coming to the SDCA National Specialty in Wheeling, West Virginia, the SDCA is offering discounted DEPOGEN™ testing, both for dogs at the show and samples brought from dogs left at home.

As part of the patent agreement between WSU and the SDCA, a small royalty from DEPOHGEN™ test sales will be returned to the SDCA.