The Ins and Outs of Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Diversity, and Genetic Disease Control in Scottish Deerhounds

Photo by Shannon Neill

These videos of the 2019 National Specialty Health seminar, presented by veterinary geneticist Dr. Jerold Bell, is based on his analysis of a Scottish Deerhound computerized pedigree database, AKC registration statistics, and pedigree analysis of the most influential Scottish Deerhound dogs and bitches.

Here is the packet of articles Dr. Bell distributed to the audience.

The first part of the presentation discussed genetic diversity in the breed, how the selection of mates and types of matings manipulates the genes of the ancestors in the pedigree, and popular sire syndrome.

The second part discussed the genetic disorders affecting Deerhounds, including updates from Dr. Bell’s conversations with our researchers. The talk also covered the different types of genetic tests, their availability, and their proper use.

NOTE: This seminar was recorded in 2019, so much of the health research information is OUT OF DATE. Please refer to our most recent annual report for current information, including health testing information.